About Ophion Security

Your offensive security partner.

Our Mission

At Ophion Security we are on a mission to empower organizations with the tools, services and consistent security research they need to proactively monitor and secure their attack surface, ensuring the protection of their most valuable assets and data.

Our Role

Our role is to be a direct security partner for organizations to consult and work with on enhancing their security needs.

Our Values

Research driven.
Community driven.
Innovation focused.
Customer obsessed.


Organizations Secured


Vulnerabilities Identified


Vulnerabilities coverage


Assets monitored

Built by hackers and engineers for enterprises

We built Orion with the principle that asset and attack surface management must be proactive, not reactive. Organizations should not wait for a vulnerability to be exploited to learn about their assets. With Orion, organizations get a clearer picture of their attack surface, while our R&D effort focuses on identifying 0day and Nday vulnerabilities that could impact our customers.

Orion's research-driven approach to attack surface management focuses on our fundamental value which is centered around customer obsession. We consider our customers our allies and partners in improving the security landscape. Our active vulnerability research is what drives Orion's automated vulnerability scanner.

Rojan Rijal
Co-Founder / Resident Hacker
James Talavera
Co-Founder / Resident Hacker