Unleash an automated hacker against your exposed attack surfaces.


Continuous Offensive Reconnaissance and Exploitation (CORE)

Domain Management

Monitor and identify vulnerabilities and services used in your organizations' domains.

SaaS Security

Identify vulnerabilities in your SaaS configurations based on Ophion Security's security research.

IP & ASN Monitoring

Monitor your entire external network through IP and ASN monitoring.

Offensive Analysis

Get detailed analysis and monitoring on various identified services from API endpoint, GraphQL queries, installed plugins and more.

Assisted Hunt

Leverage the power of Orion to find and mitigate vulnerabilities in your organization faster and efficiently.

Secrets Scanning

Monitor and explore privileges granted to hardcoded credentials, weak JWT signatures and API keys.


Organizations secured in last 3 months


Medium and Low severity vulnerabilities


High Severity vulnerabilities


Critical Severity vulnerabilities

Orion in the real world

Don't take our word for it. Orion has helped identify impactful vulnerabilities in enterprises at various scale.

Built by red teamers for enterprises

Orion's products and offerings are designed and built based on our security research, hacking and red teaming experiences. Vulnerability scans are less invasive, more stealth and more impactful with reduced false positives.

Findings without FUD
backed by security research

We do not believe in creating unnecessary headaches or FUD for our customers. There is already enough of that. Identified vulnerabilities go through proper impact analysis before a severity is assigned. Vulnerability scanners are based on security research conducted by the Ophion Security team. We won't say it is cutting-edge, but it has found critical vulnerabilities.


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